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Noticing a lack of secondary school representation at local hackathons, I founded vhHacks, one of Greater Vancouver's only hackathons dedicated to high school students. More than one hundred students will gather and collaborate to build and showcase a project in under 24 hours.

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A Lone Oak

A Lone Oak was a survival game I began working on in 2016. It uses random terrain generation to create a randomized side-scrolling level for the player to explore. The player obtains resources from a single oak tree that resides in the centre of the world, and must survive until rescue arrives.

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Vikings Dev

The Vikings Dev logo was designed for Burnaby North's Coding Club. It was designed with a very simple goal in mind: incorporate our schools mascot into a coding environment.

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Logo and Branding

inhoStudios Branding

The redesigned logo embodies the general shape of the old logo, with a hard-edged rectangle accompanied by a strike through across a diagonal. However, it has a more modern aesthetic, following less of the cartoon type outlines and having a harder rectangular silhouette, to match the general shift in attitude that my branding has had.

Proof of Concept App


Being fed up with the uncertainty of when my packages were arriving at my door, I built a bot that would notify me if it detected someone in the camera frame. Though it began as a project to track when my orders would arrive, it quickly morphed into an alert system for if anyone was at your door. I used the Discord and Twilio APIs to handle notifications, as well as the Google Cloud Vision API to process images.

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