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The Road

The Road is a game inspired by the novel of the same name, written by Cormac McCarthy. It rests on the premise of a post-apocalyptic world, in which a father and his son must travel south to escape the approaching winter. After reading the novel, I was compelled to make a game out of it.

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Adventures in Pureia

Adventures in Pureia is the longest in-development project I have worked on. Beginning in early 2015, this project has gone through many renditions, and a full storyline and game has already been planned. The estimated release date is summer 2020.

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Chat Bot

Hot Coffee Bot

Hot Coffee is a project for a a multi-function discord bot created with the JDA api (called Hot Tea). It includes profanity detection, among other features. It was built to to moderate profanity on filters, but now has other interesting features such as responding and bantering with other bots on the server.

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Website symbolizes a friend of mine's work to combat sexual violence. I have helped put together the website, which acts as a vessel for her idea.'s main goal is to provide a confidential way for survivors of sexual violence to communicate their story and seek relief. I worked on building the website.


Android Application

Recharge: Empowering Connection

Recharge is a mobile app that promotes social interaction by connecting people in need of a charger with others nearby who are available to lend them. It is built using Android Studio, the Google Maps API, and Firebase.

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